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Q. Hi Darren All the best on the Champions Tour. Are you planning on playing a full schedule from now on, and will we still see you on the regular tour? No doubt you'll enjoy a few stout with your old sparring partners on the Champions circuit.

Mark McCulloch

A. Hi Mark, well I certainly enjoyed the Boeing Classic and was really pleased with my final round - was great to see some of the old crowd. I'm planning on a pretty full schedule on the Champions Tour and a few events in Europe should they all fit in. Thanks for the good wishes. DC

Q. Hi Darren, I was wondering if you were the man behind the character Dougal in the Daniel Berger Geico commercials? It certainly sounds like you and something I can see you doing. I think the character is a hoot.


A. Hi Cathy, I'm actually not familiar with these commercials and as far as I know the character is not based on me! All the best, Darren.

Q. Good Afternoon The Open is one of the few sporting events where the winner can keep the trophy for a year, do you think this is important? Or should be done with all sports? also The cup is a great historic trophy, were you impressed by the award when you finally got your hands on it? thank you

georgina hutchings

A. Dear Georgina, thanks for the message. I was certainly very impressed with the Claret Jug when I won the Open Championship and to see all the names of the previous winners and to have mine added to that list was very special. I certainly enjoyed travelling around the world as the Champion with the Claret Jug in my possession and I think keeping it for a year is a great tradition. Cheers, Darren.

Q. Hi Darren, was wondering if you plan to play on the Champion's Tour here in the USA?

Walter Prince

A. Hi Walter, Happy New Year to you. Yes, I am hoping to after the big birthday in August!! Cheers, Darren.

Q. Hi Darren, haven't seen you in Murvagh (Donegal Golf Club) in a while, any plans on dropping in for a round? Before the Irish Open maybe?

Sean Martin

A. Hi Sean, been away so much recently and am hoping to get there before the Irish. All the best, Darren.

Q. Haven’t seen you on tour recently Darren, when are you back out again?

Brian Burton

A. Hi Brian, I'll be back again this year for the Gary Player Invitational in South Africa and then following that the AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open. Regards, Darren.

Q. Hi Darren, Who is the best player you have ever played with? Conor

Conor McCarthy

A. Hi Conor, it's impossible single one person out but I'd have to include Greg Norman, Tom Watson, Tiger and Rory as being amongst the top contenders. Cheers, Darren.

Q. 4th Trip to Ireland coming up in July this year playing some brilliant golf courses for the month.Spending 5 nights in Portrush. Where's the best pint in town Darren?

Greg Morris

A. Hi Greg, sounds like a great trip you've got coming up! The Harbour Bar in Portrush is fantastic and also does great food and The Bayview at Portballintrae just up the road. Hope you have a fantastic time. All the best, DC.

Q. Dear DC Hi mate, Friday night here and just tuned in to watch some golf. Lightning delay in India so Foxtel played a documentaty on your good self. I knew you won The Open and I even think I celebrated your success. Having watched the docco, this time the story resonated well. Very proud of what you achieved, it's a great story. It has given me a little inspiration to win the Medal tomorrow at 44. Gotta keep those young guys in check. Well done old trout. Nick H Kooyonga Golf Club, South Australia

Nick Howard

A. Hi Nick, hope you won the medal!! Cheers, Darren.

Q. Was winning the Open or being Ryder Cup captain a bigger accomplishment.

ben selkirk

A. Hi Ben, good question! I would say that winning the Open Championship was the biggest achievement of my career but being Captain of the Ryder Cup was the greatest honour and both were great accomplishments that made me very proud. All the best, DC.

Q. Just heard you may be opening a restaurant on Hilton Head. Is this true? If so, sounds great.


A. Hi David, absolutely true and really looking forward to it although it's more of a bar than a restaurant. Cheers, Darren.

Q. Is it true that you plan to open an Irish Pub on Hilton Head, South Carolina? Hope so and hope you'll return to the Heritage in April.

Don Calhoon

A. Yes Don! The rumours are true and it's something I'm really looking forward to. All the best, Darren.

Q. Not a question. Just read the piece in Global Golf Post. You did your best but the putts fell against you. You can't control that. I've been a fan (from the US) throughout your career. Every shot at The Open I'm screaming at the TV for your ball to get the right bounce, stop, go, get in the hole. It was superb and vintage "Darren". Be proud. You did well and only got caught on the off year. Continue playing. Be well. You'll always have a US fan here!

George Young

Q. No question but apologies for the poor behavior by a few. I am proud of the European team (and the US team of course) and truly enjoyed the golf. I grew up attending the Masters near my home and the behaviors exhibited there is how all golf patrons should act. If possible pass on to the team from an American fan of golf.

Mike Ellis

Q. Mr. Clarke, please accept my apologies for the behavior of a large handful of classless morons cheering for the USA. I was sick with shame. Since golf is gaining wider popularity over here, we have our work cut out to re establish the traditions and civility of the Sport of Kings. Blessings to you and the team.

Kathy Leicester

Q. No Question Darren just to say what a fantastic 3 days of sport played at the highest level by two great teams.. Of course disappointing too loose but you skippered like a true gent and and all European fans should be proud of you and the team. Roll on France in 2 Years !!!

Mark Freeman

Q. Darren You and the Ryder Cup team have nothing to be ashamed of in defeat. It was a thrilling Ryder Cup with some extremely brilliant matches and it was great to watch. Its a shame we lost but you and your team represented Europe with class as always and your labour will bear fruit in Paris in two years time with the blooding of so many rookies. Good luck for the future and thank you for representing the true spirit of golf. Neal Donlan

Neal Donlan

Q. Mr Clarke, I apologise for the few classless American fans at the Ryder matches this weekend. You sir are true gentleman of the game. Please remember you are and always will be greatly respected in the US. Your friend Patrick Higa

Patrick Higa

Q. No question, just a comment. Wish I could have seen the Ryder Cup matches this year - if only to see all the great golf/golfers. I wouldn't have necessarily been cheering for the USA team - just enjoying all the action and the sportsmanship. Pity Arnold Palmer had to pass away when he did - isn't it? from Ken Nelson in St. Paul, Minnesota

Ken Nelson

Q. Darren, Your professionalism and pure class displayed throughout the 2016 Ryder Cup was admirable to say the least. The manner in which you handled your team and yourself showed your true character. Many of us inside and outside your profession can learn a great deal from your leadership of Team Europe. Best of luck in all your endeavors! Tim Pigott MacGregor Golf Tour Rep 2000 - 2003

Tim Pigott

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