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Planning Ahead
16 December 2016

Planning Ahead I\'m actually planning to ramp things up in the next 18 months

A very Merry Christmas to you all and let's look forward to a hopefully prosperous 2017.


Far from winding down after a very busy two years, I'm actually planning to ramp things up in the next 18 months preparing for the next phase of my career.


My 50th birthday isn't that far away and I want to remain active on the Seniors circuits so I need to hit the fairways running and not be wondering where my game is when I get there.


That's why I'll be playing as much as possible on the European Tour next year to prepare for senior service the following one.   I still have a burning desire to be competitive and my stint as Ryder Cup captain did not allow that.   


Now after dedicating myself to a collective cause for a couple of years I'm going to have to be more self focused. My game is not near where it needs to be so I'll be spending plenty of time on the practice range to ensure I'm ready when I start again.


Now it's time to find some warmer weather and enjoy the festive season, but I'll be shaking more of the dust off my clubs as well.

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